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How To Use Radar

There are a few steps you’ll need to complete before you can trade on Radar. After the initial set-up, you will not have to repeat every step the next time you trade.


Connect your wallet

Sign in to your Metamask account and ensure you have ETH.


Enable Tokens

The ERC20 standard requires you give Radar Relay permission to make orders. Flip the switch to enable. You’ll need WETH and ZRX enabled to start trading.


Wrap ETH

To trade ETH for ERC20 tokens, you’ll need to wrap your ETH.

Learn more about WETH

Get ZRX for Fees

Until Fee Abstraction is in place, you’ll need to hold ZRX to pay for fees. Don’t worry you don’t need ZRX to get ZRX.

You're Set To Trade

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What is Radar Relay?

Radar Relay is a relayer that uses the 0x protocol to host an off-chain order book of individually signed orders.

What is a Relayer?

A relayer is the next generation of exchange technology that is non-custodial and peer-to-peer. Relayers display and manage orders but do not hold assets or execute trades themselves. When users find and complete orders they are settled on the Ethereum blockchain via 0x smart contracts.

What is off-chain?

Off-Chain means the bulk of transactional data is stored separate from the blockchain and only the final settlement is recorded to the chain. This reduces transaction bloat enabling a more efficient process.

Is Radar Relay an exchange?

No, Radar Relay is not an exchange because user funds are not held. However, Radar Relay is a participant in the Modular Trade Network, the network that unbundles the exchange experience and disperses functionality across participants.

How is a modular trade network beneficial?

Separating exchange components eliminates single points of failure and allows for multiple dApps to network with each other. This means trading can happen at the protocol level and multiple dApps can build networked liquidity.

Why is Radar Relay secure?

Radar Relay never holds any user funds and all trades occur via a 0x smart contract so there is very little security risk of losing tokens to any circumstances. The 0x team has had all of their work verified as being secure with multiple security audits.

What do I need to be able to use Radar Relay?

Wrapped ETH (if trading ETH)

Are there fees for Radar Relay?

Radar Relay Beta has 0 fees. Our fee structure will be addressed after our beta concludes.

Why Do I need ZRX?

While in beta, users do not need ZRX to trade. After our beta, ZRX will be needed to make trades on Radar Relay. Fees will be paid in ZRX at market rate. Check out Radar's technical overview for a more in-depth explanation.

Does Radar Relay have a token?

Radar Relay is not launching with a token. Radar Relay is committed to providing a publicly accessible product that does not require a proprietary token to use. As a project built on 0x, we have no current technical use case for a token.

Are there partnership opportunities?

Yes, please email to discuss.


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