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The most secure way to trade ERC20 tokens directly from your Ethereum wallet.
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ERC20 Token Wallet Trading


Relayer - No Sign-ups

No Sign-ups

Make trades without giving up your personal information.

Relayer - No Deposits

No Deposits

Save time, avoid fees, and maintain custody of your tokens.

Relayer - Easy Wallet Integration

Easy Wallet Integration

Connect your existing Ethereum wallets with a single click.

Feature - On-Chain Settlement

On-chain Settlement

Track every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

Relayer - Wallet Portfolio

Wallet Portfolio

Use the token view to manage and track your portfolio.

Relayer - ERC20 Token Transfers

ERC20 Token Transfers

Send tokens between wallets quickly.

Why RADAR Relay?

Trading cryptocurrencies doesn't have to mean losing custody. Use RADAR RELAY to maintain control of your ERC20 tokens while trading directly from your wallet. Trade when you want, where you want, without a middleman.