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Radar Relay

Token Trading

Leverage blockchain technology to trade Ethereum tokens directly from your wallet. No middleman.

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Trustless Token Trading on Radar Relay

24 Hour Volume

What Is WETH?

Token Volume On Radar

Exchange, Unbundled

We relay orders between peers. The 0x Protocol moves tokens between wallets. Together, we’re a new category where the platform itself is distributed.


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Wallet To Wallet

Wallet To Wallet

Unlike exchanges, we never hold custody of your tokens. Come maintenance or mishaps, tokens stay accessible in your wallet. No hidden escrow or exit strategies.

Trade The Network

Trade The Network

We can link other relayers to create networks of liquidity, not just isolated pools. This gives you increased access to tokens and less transferring to and from exchanges.

Radar Relay interface in day mode


No Signups

No Deposits

No Withdrawals

Off-Chain Orderbook


Wallet Integration

Ledger, Trezor, Metamask

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Marketplace Selection

Marketplace Selection on Radar Relay

Market & Limit Orders

Market and Limit orders on Radar Relay

In-App Transfers

In-app transfers on Radar Relay

Order Sharing

Order sharing on Radar Relay

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