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Radar Explained

What is Radar?

Radar Relay maintains a Øx order book and provides a simple interface to facilitate signing, finding, and filling Øx orders via browser interface.

What do I need to be able to use Radar?

  • MetaMask
  • Tokens you want to swap
  • Wrapped ETH (if trading ETH)
  • ZRX tokens to pay fees (It is possible to buy ZRX on Radar without having ZRX)

Why is Radar secure?

Radar never holds any user funds and all the token swapping occurs in a 0x smart contract so there is very little security risk of losing tokens to any circumstances. The 0x team has had all of their work evaluated and verified as being secure with multiple security audits.

Is Radar having an ICO?

Radar is not launching with an ICO. Radar is committed to providing a publicly accessible product that does not require a proprietary token to use. As a project built on 0x, we have no current technical use case for a token.

Are there fees for Radar?

Like most markets, Radar takes a fee with the maker taker model. Radar will be starting with a 0.45% maker fee and 0.7% taker fee, and there are no hidden deposit or withdrawal fees.

Fees are paid in ZRX at market rate. Check out Radar's technical overview for a more in-depth explanation.

Are there partnership opportunities?

Yes, please email outreach@radarrelay.com to discuss.

Do I need ZRX?

All fees Radar collects will be in ZRX. Beta users will be required to own ZRX in order to trade on Radar Relay. However, post-beta Radar will be implementing fee abstraction functionality to lower the barrier to entry.

Using Radar

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N:N Order Handler

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